WLAN-Set 4 Cameras 2MP and 1 NVR

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The wireless video surveillance 2.0MP Outdoor Wi-Fi set IP-39 4xCAM + 1xNVR (v2.0) is a reliable and functional solution to secure a small external territory: the courtyard of a private house, a car parking lot, checkpoint, and others. Due to the absence of video signal conductors, the installation of the system is much simpler and cheaper, and its mobility allows you to move your video camera quickly to a new location. To guarantee a reliable operation under any climatic conditions, the exterior camera housings are reliably protected from high and low temperatures, as well as from of moisture and dust.

Main units of this kit are four 2-megapixel Wi-Fi video cameras with a resolution of 1920х1080 pix+els, a high-quality wide angle lens, infrared illumination for recording at night and damage-proof housings; and 8-channel network NVR with FullHD recording in multiple modes, alarm notifications sending and extensive functional and network capabilities.

The wireless outdoor video surveillance 2.0MP Outdoor Wi-Fi set IP-39 4xCAM + 1xNVR (v2.0) is a high-quality and reliable security system for small outdoor objects, combining a competent selection of 100% compatible components and affordable price

Inside the Kit:
1. WiFi NVR (8 channels 2.0Mp@15fps, 1xSATA up to 6Tb (HDD not included)) - 1 pc
2. WiFi IP cameras (2.0 Mp, 1/2,8″ CMOS, f=3.6mm, IP66, IR - 30m) - 4 pcs
3. Power supply - 5 pcs
4. WiFi antenna - 4 pcs
5. Mouse, Lan cable, Mounting Kit, Manual

Housing type: B3, metal, IP66
Built-in smart functions: Human detection (Line Crossing, Perimeter Intrusion), Face detection.

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