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NDAA compliant - Made in EU


Your logo on camera and app


Cheap and available

Up to now, as an installer, you were dependent on the use of well-known hardware and software products. This allowed your end customer to compare prices directly and thus also the option to switch to the competitor. Not anymore.

With frogfish you are able to install your own hardware and software products. Whether a wide variety of cameras with your logo, intuitive iOS and Android apps in the company CI or cloud and stand-alone solutions - your end customer is always in exclusive contact with you. This benefits from short service times and powerful hardware, you generate your advantages from the high customer loyalty, NDAA compliant production in Europe and our advanced technologies.

Surveillance Robot

  • all weather
  • all terrain
  • AI in the cloud
  • robot intelligence


automated security patrols

Your benefits


  • Individual white label solutions
  • Powerful hardware with your company logo
  • Intuitive apps for iOS and Android in your company's CI
  • State-of-the-art cloud and recorder infrastructure
  • Most advanced AI to perform various surveillance tasks
  • Can be used as a cloud or local stand-alone solution
  • Manufacturing and server hosting in Europe
  • GDPR Compliant

Benefits for installers

  • Increasing customer loyalty through our own hardware and software
  • Reduced delivery and service times
  • Flexible adaptation of the apps to customer requirements possible
  • Increased margins through favorable purchase prices
  • High confidence bonus thanks to production in Europe
  • End customers cannot compare prices
  • Sustainable marketing effects through the installation of branded hardware and software


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